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The Game Hosting Industry

The game hosting market has been around since the 1990's when multiplayer gaming really took off. What kind of money is in it?

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Selling video games online and making money seems simple enough. You make a game and spend a load of time and resources on this and then you try to sell as many copies as possible to make back what you spent and then any extra is profit. You can even take advantage of existing markets like Valve’s Steam to throw your newly created gaming title in front of massive audiences so long as you share your revenue with them.

The money doesn’t stop there though, an after-market exists among gaming geeks online that can bring in long term recurring revenue…. game hosting.

Companies all around the world specialise in providing ready to go game servers for games like Counter Strike, Rust and Minecraft that are both well priced and easy to use. The alternative is for gamer’s to go and rent dedicated machines then set up complicated server software in order to get a simple world ready for them and their friends to play in.

Price Comparison Sites

Comparison sites have even popped up to tame the huge numbers of game hosting companies that have appeared to take advantage of the new market. Websites like CompareGameHosting make the complicated task of picking a hosting company a lot simpler and less time consuming.

Money In Game Hosting

So it seems that there is definitely a lot of money in the game hosting industry with more games being released all the time that require private game hosting. If you are planning on releasing a game onto the market that allows games the chance to create there own servers then you may be able to do a deal that earns you long term income.

After sales revenue from your game could be possible by contacting game hosting companies or comparison sites like CompareGameHosting. You could forge a deal where you include a link or section within the game that refers people looking for private servers their way, in exchange for a revenue share or one off fee.

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