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5 Tips to Boost your Indie Game Development Career

Every gamer has dreamed of creating their own game at least once in their lives. In fact, game development is a dream for many people around the world. Young or old, it doesn’t matter—the "game dev bug" can bite you anytime.

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Thousands of gamers have all tried their hand at game development. The thing is, not everyone succeeds. Even the most passionate gamer can fail at their game development venture.

Here’s how you can avoid failure by using our five tips to become a successful indie game developer!

Do your research

It’s important to do proper research you’re in game development, even more so when you’re an indie developer trying to break into the scene.

AAA companies have the advantage of employing dedicated research teams, but as an indie developer, you don’t have that privilege.
So sit down, open your browser, and spend a few hours looking at the hottest games in your chosen niche.

Know your edge

Indie game developers are practically a dime a dozen in the gaming industry.
In order to stand out in such a huge crowd, you have to know what your edge is.
How do you do that? With research, as well as creativity.

Take a look at those games that you searched for in your niche. What makes them good? What do people like about them?
Now, open your notepad and make a list of things you want in your game. What are the similarities to those games? What makes it stand out?

Create, don’t perfect

If you think the goal of game development is to create the perfect game, then sadly, you’re mistaken. The goal is to create. Period.

Assuming that you now have your arsenal of tools at your disposal, like your game engine and your game’s assets, then it’s time to do your work.
Don’t waste that precious time perfecting things. Your only goal is to finish it.

Did you know that the majority of indie games never get completed? Don’t be one of them.

Plan before your launch

After weeks, months or years of grueling hard work, your game is finally ready to launch! But wait, are you sure you’ve completely beta-tested everything?
No bugs, no missing screens, no errors at all?

Remember, most games get the most attention during their first day of launch, after which it just starts to dwindle. Don’t ever rush into launching.

First impressions usually last, so don’t give people the impression that you’re just a low-quality indie game developer not worth a second look.

Network, network, network

And last but not the least, never underestimate the power of good networking.
Game development doesn’t just start and end at game development.
You know that saying, “build it and they will come”? Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to indie games in this day and age.
You have to actually call people to get them to notice you first.

Try to market even before you finish your project.
There are dedicated communities in Twitter and Reddit just for game developers, so take advantage of that and get your name out there!

Ready to dive into the world of indie game development?

If you want to become that successful indie game developer you’re so passionate about, don’t forget to do your research, know your edge, focus on creating instead of worrying about perfection, plan your launch, and network with people in the same field of interest.

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