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Stop Procrastinating, Finish Your Game!

Sometimes you need a little push from others to get motivated and finish your game. And sometimes you start and finish your game in 48 hours due to time restrictions. It's time to jam!

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When I first wrote this, the Global Game Jam 2018 was wrapping up, where game developers from all over the globe worked with other talented local artists to build something from nothing in 48 hours.

I remember when I entered this caffeine fueled weekend a year or two ago, it was incredible working with people I’ve never met before yet shared the same interests – and by the end, had a game that we were proud of!

If you’ve never entered a game jam before or don’t understand why others do it, it’s so they can ‘take a break’ from their current project and work on something new and shiny for a mere 2 days.

At the end of game jams everyone celebrates their new game babies and play tests each other’s hacked up masterpieces (it’s quite beautiful, really).

Sometimes you simply have to release some creative energy and work on something else to get rid of those other-project urges.

What’s amazing about this whole thing is that these small groups of people were able to come together and build a game from scratch in 2 days.

Here’s just a few examples of games that were born from game jams:

  • Surgeon Simulator
  • Spoiler Alert
  • Goat Simulator
  • Gods Will Be Watching

While these people made a game with complete strangers, what did you build? 😊


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